Did you 'Get your glow' on?

The importance of good habits

January is the perfect time to consider your routine for wellbeing. After the indulgence of the festive period, starting afresh with some good healthy habits is welcomed by our bodies and minds! Sometimes routines can be a drag, but they also keep us grounded and create good habits to improve overall wellbeing.

That’s why this January, we started the year with our 21-day ‘Get Your Glow’ challenge – a bit of fun, designed to get you thinking about some subtle changes that are great for your skin, and your mental well-being. Did you have a go?


Establishing a routine

We started the month by establishing a better morning and evening routine, reminding you that it’s important to use ishga’s products in such a way that you get the best results. ishga director, Leon, was even game enough to demonstrate on Tik Tok!

Being at home more, as many of us are, means it's tempting to drink lots of tea and coffee. Did you swap some cuppas for herbal tea? There are lovely blends out there – what was your favourite?


Make the most of being at home

Of course, there are benefits to being at home more often. One thing that’s nice is there’s no pressure to wear lots of make up, and we recommend you take days off, just to let your skin breathe and get sunlight on those precious walks – with a good SPF of course!

Being at home more often means skin can become dehydrated easier, so we suggest drinking more water, plus switching to ishga hand sanitiser and facial oils. They’re such a natural, fragrant way to introduce moisture your skin craves, without greasiness.


Diet, sleep and exercise

Of course, we’re passionate about the benefits of seaweed to skin and general health – it contains so many amazing nutrients and antioxidants! We also suggested you look at your diet in general, and try some healthy, new foods and recipes. Was there anything you tried that you really enjoyed?

Last but not least, exercise and plenty of nourishing, restful sleep is essential for youthful skin and general health. We gently nudged you in this direction. Do you have any tips for exercise and better sleep for the year ahead, with all its challenges?

We hope you enjoyed our challenge for January, and got your glow back for 2021! We’d love to hear your feedback. And, if you didn’t get a chance to make changes, why not try again in February? Building good habits is always a good idea, any time of the year!


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